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Welcome and thanks for stopping in! I'm so glad to connect and tell you more about the opportunity to join DotDotSmile. 

If you've found your way here, you probably already know about our brand. But that's never stopped me from sharing about these dresses before - so let me go right ahead!

DotDotSmile specializes in high quality, boutique style dresses, with amazing prints. Our dresses have a full circle skirts made for twirling! DotDotSmile has the perfect dress for your favorite girl.

This is my story of how I got started with DotDotSmile:



Here are some fast facts about joining DotDotSmile as a Merchandiser:

  • DotDotSmile started in 2013 and expanded to become one of the fastest growing children's clothing lines. The Merchandiser program began in July of 2017.

  • There are currently around 3,000 Merchandisers nation-wide. This is a ground floor opportunity in a rapidly expanding business!

  • Initial investment can be as low as $475 which includes 25 pieces of inventory. You select those sizes and styles!


Signing up is simple! Go to and click "become a merchandiser" across the top. Don't forget to include my merchandiser number 815178 where it asks "who referred you to us?"

This will allow me to be your sponsor - and I can't wait to help you get started!


I know when I first considered selling DotDotSmile Dresses, I had a ton of questions. Let me know how I can answer yours! You can always reach out by email at 


In the meantime, here's some FAQs to get you started! 


How much can I earn selling DotDotSmile

The DotDotSmile Commission Plan is extremely generous and gives us six different opportunities to earn through direct selling of inventory, selling through our replicated websites, and team building. Generally, merchandisers can earn up to 50% of their sales to their customers.

What support will I have? 

Your first line of support will be me - your sponsor! I'm always available to answer whatever questions you might have and encourage you as your business grows. We are part of an amazing team which includes merchandisers from across the country. In our facebook group we share graphics, best practices and video trainings so that we can support each other while growing our independent businesses.

How much inventory do I need?

Selling with DotDotSmile allows for a lot of flexibility. You can choose if you'll carry an expansive or a more limited inventory. Every initial order has a minimum of 25 PV. Every item DotDotSmile offers holds a PV Value. Currently those are:

  • Dresses = 1 PV
  • Kick Shorts and Graphic Tees = .25 PV
  • Leggings = .5 PV

That means your initial order could be 25 dresses OR 20 dresses plus 10 pairs of leggings OR 15 dresses, 10 pairs of leggings and 20 Graphic tees. The choices of style (cap, tank, empire or ballerina) and size will be your choice as part of your enrollment. DotDotSmile provides a "blind box" with an assortment of beautiful and popular prints. 

Most merchandisers carry at least 100 dresses, with many offering more for variety in their inventory. But it's okay to start slow and work towards more!

Are there any ordering minimums?

After your initial enrollment order, Merchandisers must place a minimum 25 PV order within 60 days of their previous order or may be at risk to be removed from the merchandiser program. Merchandisers who place a minimum order of 50 pieces within a calendar month are eligible to receive commissions on their team's orders.


Can I carry DotDotSmile in my Store?

DotDotSmile is a great way to expand your existing business. In fact, this is just what we did with GiggleBuzz! You may include your dresses in your brick and mortar shop as well as at vendor events. We are not currently permitted to sell our dresses on independent websites, or on platforms like etsy, amazon or ebay. 

How much does shipping cost for Merchandisers?
Yet another generous perk - Merchandisers receive free UPS shipping on their wholesale orders from DotDotSmile.


Thanks again for stopping in and learning more about selling DotDotSmile as a Merchandiser. If I can help in any way - reach out! Join my DotDotSmile Facebook Group to see an example of how this works! My email is always ready to hear from you at I'd love to help you begin your own journey with DotDotSmile!

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